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ANIMAL rights activists attacked a pizzeria for its attempt to promote issues around dairy production./ Picture source: The Advertiser

Pull the udder one! Activists attack ethical restaurant

ANIMAL rights activists attacked a pizzeria for its attempt to promote issues around dairy production.

The pizzeria in Adelaide, Australia, which describes itself as having an “agenda of authenticity and transparency”, hung a carcass of a cow in a bid to show people where their food comes from.

But animal rights activists took it the wrong way calling the scene obscene and utterly disgusting.

Melissa Pisanelli, The Adelaide’s Etica Pizza Al Taglio restaurant owner, explained that the restaurant takes it name from the word Etica – which means ‘Ethics’ in Italian.

Ms Pisanelli further defended its decision to showcase a cow, saying it was an ethical act to raise issues around dairy production.

She said: “We are not a vegan restaurant, but Etica recognizes and promotes the need to make an informed choice.

“It’s giving people the knowledge to make their own decision.”

Pisanelli also mentioned that she wanted the space ‘to resemble a slaughterhouse cum glasshouse’, in an attempt to promote animal welfare.

Co-owner Federico Pisanelli added: “The installation is a means of highlighting the realities of the dairy industry.

“This is not a marketing campaign to attract clientele… we did this as an expression in line with our own principles.”

Since the controversial campaign, the pizzeria has seen a big social media support from its fans.

Hundreds of people have expressed their gratitude on The Adelaide’s Etica Pizza Facebook page.

Emily Farrell said: “ People have misconstrued and misunderstood the taxidermy. They have a clear message and mission, if only people would take the time to understand and read the statement on the front door. Their loss, not ours.”

Christian Turner added: “I think the dead cow is an interesting topic. Educating people around food is one of the most important things we can do for humanity. We have to stop seeing meat as something that comes from the supermarket and understand the pain and suffering animals sometimes go through. We should all have a moment of silence and a sense of reflection for that animal that has given their life so we can eat.”

Stuart Back stated: “Fantastic. The cow installation is great and confronting. If, as a meat-eater you don’t understand your connection to this animal, this might be confronting, otherwise it’s a nice reminder. If you enjoy dairy it should also be a catalyst for you to delve into the industry and educate yourself.”

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