Activists caught with drone camera at top research facility

ANIMAL rights activists have been caught red-handed using drones to spy on a top animal research facility in America.

They were trying to obtain footage of dead cattle killed in a snowstorm in order to post shocking images on social media.

But they were reported to local authorities after being spotted outside Meat Animal Research Centre in Clay,


Their vehicle and a drone were also seen near other research facilities in the nearby cities of Custer and Franklin.

No action was taken against the activists but Nebraska Cattlemen’s Association executive vice president Pete McClymont warned livestock producers to be aware of their activities.

He said: “These people aren’t interested in helping animals, they want to further their cause which is not part of research to help increase food production or produce food for a world that needs more meat protein.”

The use of drones is already banned in some states near Nebraska, like Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

There are laws in place to protect farmers and ranchers from undercover videos and photography by animal rights activists groups.

While Pete McClymont doesn’t have an official estimate of cattle killed during the April 28-30 snowstorms in Nebraska, he says that the death rate is not as high as in other places.

Mr McClymont added: “Producers should be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles and notify local authorities of any strange activity they believe to be activist related. It is not advised to confront possible animal rights activists yourself.”

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