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Day in the Life of a Mink- Exposing animal rights myths

THIS day-in-the-life video shows how mink truly live – and it’s not how the animal rights brigade want you to believe.

Activists are quick to claim it is impossible for farmed fur animals to live a comfortable and healthy life.

But our round the clock video of a typical farmed mink nails the myth once and for all.

Farmers worldwide provide excellent nutrition and care for their animals.

Raised in pens, farmed mink are well cared for and have an opportunity to express natural behaviours.

In fact, the quality of their lifestyle is as good, if not better, than a lot of family pets.

In contrast with their wild cousins, farmed mink enjoy constant easy access to nutritious food and clean water. Animals are also well protected from predators and extreme weather. And have superb veterinary care.

Today, 50% of global fur production comes from Europe. A wide range of EU legislation applies to fur farming, including strict regulations on killing methods, trapping, international trade and animal welfare.

By implementing WelFur, the most advanced animal welfare assessment programme, the European fur sector aims to create the highest standards in animal welfare and enhance the quality of the fur produced.

Fur farmers and fur sector workers dedicate their whole lives to caring for animals, they continually do research into welfare and are always trying to do things better.

Click onto two short videos here to watch the mink in action.


Video 1:  Exposing animal rights myths


Video 2: IFF CEO Mark Oaten commentary on welfare issues


The full, un-edited 24-hour video can be seen here:

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