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Animal rights activists threaten vital Home Office approved research

ANIMAL rights activists illuminated the motorway in Bristol to protest against the use of animals in life or death academic research approve by the Home Office.

Protesters stood on a footbridge over the M32 motorway and held illuminating signs that read out “Bristol Uni Kills Animals” for drivers to see.

But a spokesperson for the Bristol University defended the valuable research which can save human lives and cure debilitating medical conditions.

“Scientists at the University of Bristol adhere to high standards of care and welfare in any work involving living animals.”

“The university has designed, built and maintains dedicated facilities for the animals. Work of this nature is governed by the Home Office, and the university has processes in place to ensure that we meet their requirements.”

“Our researchers have made, and continue to make, significant contributions in this area, and have published their results in peer-reviewed scientific journals. However, alternatives have yet to be developed that can properly reproduce the complex biological characteristics of man and animals.”

Despite a few failed attempts by AJP to find out exactly how many animals were tortured for research by the University of Bristol, the group claims that around two million animal experiments are conducted on university campuses each year.

In support of the bizarre public stunt, Claire Palmer, the founder of the Animal Justice Project, said that the only reason why AJP is attacking Bristol University is because it did not immediately respond to their Information requests on the numbers and types of animals used.

She said:  “Most of the research conducted in the UK, especially at universities, is basic research and does not need to produce a result.”

According to the Home Office policies, the use of animals in scientific research remains a vital tool in the development of new medicines, treatments and technologies.

The use of animals in experiments and testing is regulated under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 (ASPA).

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